Plastic REO Accessories


Why Plastic Bar Bar Chairs?

Plastic Reinforcement Spacers


“Plastic Bar Chairs are being more widely used in the concrete construction industry.

Especially in areas near the coast, due to the failure of the plastic tips on the traditionally used plastic tipped wire bar chairs causing rust spots to appear on the soffit (underneath) of concrete suspended slabs in exterior areas, which will lead to “concrete cancer” if not repaired.

Many engineers now specify Plastic Bar Chairs to all exterior areas OR all the suspended slab, see engineer’s notes.

Important Information For Builders and REO Suppliers

A recent court judgement against a building company…..


“Item 4 ­ a complaint concerning the presence of rust or corrosion on the concrete soffits. The Tribunal is satisfied that the respondent’s use of plastic tipped bar chairs in place of plastic bar chairs as required by the Building Code of Australia and the building licence was faulty or unsatisfactory work. The Tribunal was also satisfied that the repairs already completed by the respondent were not satisfactory and were required to be redone. The terms of the building remedy order are to be subject to further submissions from the parties. “

Everyone (builders & reo suppliers) will know the implications of doing work that is contrary to BCA , and will understand fully the costs  involved in rectification without these warnings.